Message from Chancellor
‘Markaz maketh the full man’

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Welcoming you to Markaz is indeed an honoured and pleasing experience. Formal introductions are irrelevant in the case of Markaz, whether in India or abroad, because of the distinctive nature and service that Markaz offers to the country in educational and humanitarian fields.

Jamia Markaz was established in 1978, initially for the care and education of a few orphans, by a group of kind-hearted visionaries and socially committedscholars. This mission expanded with time demanding more room for deserving students and their different educational needs. Right from the beginning, modern education coupled with moral education, moulding true believers and loyal citizens,who safeguard the interests of the nation, were the philosophies we believed in and principles that practiced on.
The realization that a comprehensive social transformation could be brought about through right education, headed Markaz forward through tough times and presently, has become the flagship of the Muslim community in India and one of the prestigious Islamic Universities in South Asia, registered under the India Societies Registration Act. 40 years from now, Markaz has established more than 100 educational units for boys and girls, orphans and destitute, kids and women exclusives;comprising that of the first Unani Medical College in the state.

 The university always make its best attempts to provide a stimulating learning environment in order to assure international standards both in Islamic and secular realms of learning.

The university assures its best attempts to provide a stimulating learning environment in order to achieve international standards both in Islamic and secular streams of education, including exchange of students, giving orientation courses, facilitating interaction of erudite international faculties and conducting programmes of reputed foreign universities in its campuses.

Our commitment to quality and innovation has been rightly recognized and bedecked both by Indian and foreign universities. Markaz has signed MoU’s and is in affiliation with many of them like IIUM Malaysia, Al Azhar Cairo, WISE Jordan, Darul Mustafa Yemen, MFW Turkey, Al Qasmia Sharjah, AMU Aligarh, Jamia Millia New Delhi, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi…etc.

We strongly believe that any academic programs must keep pace with the rapid changes in society, and as such, Markaz shapes a culture among the young and dynamic generation of scholars, professionals, teachers, doctors, and many experts in other arenas of knowledge, who are capable of taking on great responsibilities and brave enough to meet the challenges posed by today’s world order. As torchbearers of the future, they can surely preserve the charm of traditions, elevating its spirit, in perfect harmony with the modern life.

It is a gratifying experience and proud recollection for me to know that thousands of students who have passed out from the portals of this great alma-mater are spread globally and have established themselves very well in different walks of life; comprising professional, educational, diplomatic, entrepreneurial and Islamic Da’awa…etc.
Presently, our students count is above 25000, of whom not less than 5000 belong to different states of India, including Kashmir. They are nurtured in an entirely spiritual environment, enjoying food, education, medicines, accommodation… free of cost. In a way, it appears to be a creative opportunity to open up their own space of thinking from an early age by being exposed to and experienced by the simple, original Islamic values and practical life skills.

 As torchbearers of the future, they can surely preserve the charm of traditions elevating its spirit, by the way it will of course harmonise their modern life.

Not confined alone in the area of education, but along with massive awareness campaigns and public initiatives,Markaz identifies and accomplishes a number of humanitarian and charitable projects throughout the country.

With the active patronage of humanitarians worldwide and the strong backing of the commoners what we have achieved so far is definitely commendable. But I am aware there is still scope for us to become better and to reach higher pinnacles of academic excellence and social responsibility. I have no doubt that we will be able to achieve these objectives in cooperation with the people and with the country.

Ultimately, our aim is to make an individual to his fullest in every sense and in order to achieve this I wish all students, faculties and supporting staff, on and off the campus, every fulfilment you plan to pursue. I assure you that your life in Markaz will be richly rewarding, both academically and otherwise. My prayers are with you for the success of your professional careers for here and the undying life hereafter!


Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed,
Founder & Chancellor, Jamia Markaz, Karanthur, Calicut, Kerala.