Student Organizations

The students union in the main campus of Markaz is known as Ihyaussunna, which means a team dedicated to resuscitation of prophetic tradition. Students who pursue their study at any of Markaz Islamic colleges come along the way of its various activities. Established in 1984 It aims to help students nurture their innate talents and potentials and bring them to a platform of interaction, exposure and exploration to unfamiliar intellectual realms,by formulating a number of branches under it, each aimed at different actions and initiatives. In effect, the union, Ihyaussunna becomes a room where students can share their distinctive notions, interact each other and expand their intellectual assets for the best days to come. During its 35 Years of existence, it could seemingly bring up a team of genius who can lead many vital roles in the community and confidently intervene in the Indian public sphere in many ways. In the regular intervals and some significant occasions, the team conducts various gatherings and programs that draws student’s attention to the most challenging issues and make them thoroughly convince of it.Ihyaussunna is committed to make its hundreds of membersactive players who canchampion varieties of causes of the entire society along with their academic discourses.

The groups to which the organization is categorized are as follows:

MarkazulUloom :

It is the forum having responsibility to publish its official magazine in local language Malayalam and to promote an aura of literature among the students of different worldviews.

Assaqafa :

 It is the Arabic language forum with a commitment to deliver a monthly magazine and to inspire students for improving their understanding of Arabic and its world of literature.

Dawa cell :

The team of Dawa cell is dedicated to promote peaceful messages of Islam among people from different walks of life across India and abroad. It conducts various humanitarian and cultural endeavours across the country.


It is a group of students with similar minds whose onus is to create an intellectual and artistic flair among the students through a variety of programs and events of exposure.

Hospitality :

The team of hospitality always get ready at their best to welcome the guests and newcomers to the main campus. They are students with multi-linguistic abilities and desirable experiencesso as to accompany the guests wherever they wish within the campus or beyond.

Health Club :

The team is voluntarily dedicated to keep the health of students safe and safeguard them at catastrophic situations with adequate equipment and facilities.

Publication :

The team is operating with the aim of publishing the literary or academic works authored by either the professors or its students after the critical scrutiny by its core body which includes senior professors at Markaz. In the course of time, it could publish enormous remarkable works including those written by our Chancellor Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed and some professors.

Library :

The librarians are onus to conduct various events meant to promote wide range of reading- literary fictions, non-fictions, critical essays and more.

Literary Gathering :

The team conduct and coordinate group wise gatherings being organized on every  Tuesday and aimed at discussing different issues ranging from contemporary and Islamic narratives to critical issues. Apart from it, it also brings up a number of joint events where students can share their ideas and critically argue each other.

Musabaqa :

It is the annual literary fest being conducted as part of Meelad celebrations (the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammed SWA). With more than 90 competitions, the fest is meant to nourishthe calibre of each student and help them improve their potential.The students are grouped into three or four teams and contests areheld among them. It gives the campus and its students a much jubiliant and colourful experiences, with each one trying to make things happen in their own ways.